Door Knocking and cold calling techniques although invaluable to learn may not be the best way to generate leads for every real estate agent. It takes a lot of nerve to stand at someone’s door unannounced and to be able to talk their way into the house. It can be difficult for many to ring up potential customers randomly by phone too but this isn’t to say that it cannot work however.

Some agents have a great many success stories to tell as a result of canvassing from door to door but it is usually those agents who are really confident and who have great interpersonal skills who do the best. For those in charge of a team of agents, teaching the techniques can be a good thing but sending agents out into the big wide world who are terrified of the prospect of knocking on someone’s door without advanced notice, will probably only make them hand in their resignation.

Cold calling can be great for those who enjoy a challenge but in real estate, playing to their strengths is the best way to get successful results. Some agents might have an excellent telephone sales manner and arrange lead after lead, others network furiously and generate leads this way. There is no right or wrong way; the results simply speak for themselves.

If as a real estate agent, door knocking is on the to-do list. Rise to the challenge and try to enjoy it. The best way can be to provide a simple introduction, to practice a brief bio so it sounds natural and then hand out a business card or sales literature. If it includes a promotion, so much the better. Breathing techniques can help to combat any nerves but another good tip is to deepen the voice just slightly as this instigates authority. NLP techniques are practiced widely in sales and are a wonderful resource to be able to tap into. It can certainly help to boost feelings of confidence and to enable rapport to be built much more quickly.

Telephone sales for generating hot leads can be quite productive but having a script that enables the agent not to stumble over their words or to forget anything crucial is a good idea. The script shouldn’t be read verbatim of course. Nothing sounds worse over the phone than someone reading from a script. It’s boring for the customer and boring for the estate agent too. Sounding natural, polished, professional and enthusiastic is the right way. Have some up to date statistics to reel off and always remember that they want to know how you can help them, so conjure up some benefits including tips on how to save money or how to increase the value of their house easily. Agents will sound and feel more confident if they believe in what they are trying to do.