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In our give good results we experience every one of the levels in the everyday life cycle of making a mobile app and that i would want to share our practical knowledge in this particular industry. Underneath may be the tale about bases of mobile development: the selection of the system ahead of generation, inserting in store and therefore the subsequent checking. So, let us begin the process of our tale from Mobitech.

Trends. What exactly are mobile cell phone house owners?

  • More than fifty percent (53%) use downloaded apps.
  • Approximately a similar sum (52%) by using mobile cellular phone view the online resources.
  • Over a 3rd of folks (38%) use social networking sites from the mobile cellular phone.
  • A very little fewer buyers, enjoy game titles (34%).
  • Approximately three-quarters of folks connect by means of mobile cell phone (apart from phone calls): it may be SMS, a social networking app, quick messengers etc.

Statistics. What would you actually buy?

If we glance within the data of income of smartphones by working devices, we are going to begin to see the subsequent:

  • 62% of smartphones marketed is undoubtedly an Android unit.
  • In the next put Symbian – 15% of your current market.

The remaining share is split bada, iOS and Home windows Mobile phone (those that consider this chart only in Moscow, the distribution will most likely change in the direction of escalating the share of Apple goods).

If you seem in the very same plan globally, we’ll see that right here Android during the forefront with ? from the marketplace. The best way from the specific situation Mobitech Studio.

For the 2nd quarter of 2012, the planet has offered 104 million Android telephones – given that the populace of the pretty massive region. But we as mobile builders have an interest in not simply smartphone, but additionally why you should do the trick with him. A substantial proportion of homeowners of equipment on Android utilizes them as common telephones: SMS, phone calls and all. They don’t activate the unit in Google Enjoy, not downloading apps.

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What would you use? Not all buyers obtained the cellphone in 2012, therefore the legitimate distribution of forces among the mobile functioning units demonstrates our interior studies. This statistic consists of Russia together with the CIS nations: Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

  • 73.five per cent is known as a Java cellular phone.
  • Android is in next site with eleven.6%.
  • The legacy of Nokia, Symbian, a great deal at the rear of Android mobile phone with 11%.
  • Apple items have got a three.5% of Runet buyers.
  • The most attentive will see around the chart of Microsoft with Home windows Mobile ( fewer than 1%).

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Installation of applications. While you pick out a system beneath which the application are going to be developed, it is actually imperative that you know the figures on now present applications. Graphics study corporation App Annie in the September 2012 present you ways to mature two competing Apple and Google. There’s foolish to check Mobitechstudio.

Mobile app development corporation mobitech . The most impressive, superior quality solutions for iOS & Android, etc.

By number of downloads around the first position Google Engage in: a bit more products, significantly more downloads, far more traffic and a growth of 66% compared with January 2012. The growth of iOS were two times significantly less, about 30%. But the main chart – what kind of revenue consumers bring. And right here the problem is radically different. It happens to be easier to make on iOS, but the money is there and in Google Participate in, when you know tips to pick them up.

Types of mobile apps. In practice, we can divide mobile apps into 3 types.

Mobile sites, web applications. This is considered the most common type of applications for mobile gadgets. Modern smartphones are able to display regular website. They can do anything that we are accustomed to seeing in desktop applications – support for HTML5 is doing its job. that web applications are ideal for start-UPS: they allow you to obtain a great result for tiny money and for a short time. Another advantage of the mobile website compared with other mobile apps is cross-platform. However, there are negative, though weighty, is pretty difficult to make.

Development of all types of applications from Studio Mobitech

Hybrid apps. With this approach you get access to many of the advantages of functioning system APIs: the app is cluttered with push notifications and other pleasant buns, also, now your product may be placed in stores. The main content still is regarded as a platform-independent page layout, hosted for the server. This allows you to make cosmetic changes while in the product without releasing a new version: it is always enough to upload changes to the server. Hybrid application is definitely a excellent solution for those who are starting a business or wants to test their idea, clearly show it to your investor friends.

A native app. These kind of applications are the best resource intensive, but it allows the maximum use for the opportunities offered by each specific working system. As a result, native apps win given that the functionality and speed of other types of mobile applications. It will be to this approach now come to those companies who did combined application. For example, Facebook started with the combo app: native controls (switches, tabs and the like) together with the web page as content.Несмотря that this is regarded as a good solution, the problems with performance lead to the fact that the builders are moving away from combination with the web.

Statistics. The data within the downloads on our apps.

First, we have an app that is constantly developing: among the the recent changes it can be worth noting facetime audio. The main difference between the apps is who their audience is. The first is undoubtedly an international product. The program is downloaded not merely in CIS, they are actively used by residents of Europe and Latin America. The next application originally was made in Russia and for end users of CIS.

Great mobile iOS and Android app development on

It is interesting to match the studies of downloads on the stores. A huge part within the 62% of foreign audience goes to Google Perform. About 1/5 is within the AppStore, 14% in Ovi Store. And currently the remaining 5% share for Home windows Cell phone (4%) and Samsung Bada (1%). With the Agent circumstances is radically different: the share of Google Engage in and Ovi are about the exact same. Well, 10% for the AppStore demonstrate love for “Apple” goods within our place.

The process of making a mobile prilozheniy so, let us get to just about the most delicious: the process of developing a mobile application.

A User Tale. First of all, you need to determine what and for whom we write. The answers to these questions are documented in a User Tale. From the picture you can begin to see the authentic ticket inside our tracker. He describes how an current ICQ user can log in to the app, and what challenges it may well meet. At this stage it can be essential to perform out all possible scenarios to avoid unpleasant surprises at later levels of development.

It is very important to understand that each item on your to-do sheet is hiding a huge iceberg of functionality. Try to fragment and specify tasks. Major wishlist optimum split into several phases (releases in stor). However is actually a topic for another discussion, back to the phases of application generation.

Design and design. After writing belonging to the User Tale is to begin designing and design development.

At this stage, we use prototypes that we hang relating to the Board additionally, the arrows demonstrate how the navigation will occur.

The design necessarily used guideline.

The guideline while in the General sense serves as a document which is issued by the specialist, and that designers and builders understand the principle of building the application communicates with the user. Relatively speaking, on iOS the buttons need to do the round, and for Home windows Mobile phone – square. However, we use inside guidelines for builders. Thus the result in the designer’s deliver the results often consists of models, doxycycline online guidelines and slicing graphics.

current market Sharks and Mobitechstudio, fierce competition

Layouts most suitable served “linked urls”, for example, using the Prototype to understand the logic transitions. The guidelines contain information about the padding, sizes, visual effects, mechanics, animations, etc. you can skip This step if your project is one designer and one developer sitting next to each other. The 3rd part from the result – cutting charts – must contain a minimum of needed graphic resources (care about the weight in the app), have versions for different screen resolutions. Most often we draw for retina and xhdpi screens. Next is most likely the preparation for Neretina mdpi and automated tools (if appropriate their use). Often the hands have to cook hdpi resources.

Transfer in development. Discussion and necessary corrections belonging to the description.

After receiving the models, guideline and slicing begins the deliver the results for the developer. We share within the development of everything that came up, and expect an early result. This does not mean that the get the job done about the architecture as well as the user interface is finished. Sometimes the builders develop interesting ideas that will make adjustments to the original plan. When development is complete, comes the testing stage.

Testing. There are a number of ways to test the application.

In mobile development tester is a person around whom some telephones. We have a very huge wardrobe, which are as old telephones, and then the latest novelties. Inside we try to test in test cases. If you happen to implement a new feature, in her description on the prepared test plan.

There are solutions to help in testing. We use HockeyApp – an application that allows you to distribute our product to beta testers. We write in social networking sites: “Guys, we have a very new cool app. Who wants to try?” I wish to receive a build, use the app, and it collects figures, makes a crash report and sends it to us.

There are also providers that allow you to test your app on different working solutions – for example, all Android firmware version or 2.three. You give the application, expert services screenshot the entire path that you set, sends pictures to you while in the mail, and you check if everything is in order.

checking Expert services and tracking of application studies.

Monitoring. So, you have developed, tested application, filled it in stor. To track data of downloads you can use the service Distimo. It shows studies on consumers who come to the store to download applications, and aggregates the comments.

It is essential to understand that many people are a good deal more likely to leave negative comments. If a person is doing well, he usually just works by using the application, not commenting. From the stable operation of our applications we get 40-50 comments daily. Over the day of error the number of records can reach up to 400 on a single system. So keep in mind that comments are not a full evaluation of your give good results, rather another bug tracker.

To change the specific situation might be extremely a common “hack” – window Rate Us. Offer to leave a positive review inside the store, and in case of problems, email developer. The effect is strong enough, the main thing is to consider the algorithm of showing the dialogue to the user.

In addition to the review Distimo shows the number of downloads, earned money, and wherever are downloading your apps.

Another interesting checking service Flurry. It helps to collect the client figures. Flurry provides a report about what the user does in your application: how many times he pressed the button, how many times have returned to the app and way more General settings – audience, geography, gender, age, etc.

In some mobile merchandise we also use counting client data using Google Analytics. Difference when compared with the Flurry has almost no. Disadvantages in speed and processing with the logs is, in both cases, however, should you are used to working with Google release a user interface can use this tool.

Despite the big number of third-party providers, we have our own stats. No matter how good was not external sources, they need to be checked. We are able to evaluate the data, but it is really necessary to build infrastructure for report generation, weekly reporting by means of email and other things that simplify lifestyle. Therefore it will be easier for us to use companies such as Flurry and Distimo, in addition to the inner logs to contact once you have any questions. Our expertise shows that this approach is justified: periodically our data and providers are slightly different. If you ever are inclined to check the stats, use different sources.

Specific. You need to remember?

On each new system the user expects to begin to see the rich application. He argues as follows: “I sat on bad Java cellphone, thus could use ICQ. I bought a new mobile phone, go to Marketplace, and there’s no ICQ? Are you doing something?” The user does not require into account the fact that you have to do the app from scratch. The new system can be a new equipment, new documentation, new resources.

The additional popular the system, the a bit more you have competitors. With the moment there are two Stora, which is perfectly clear: AppStore and Google Enjoy. If you should have an idea of an application that is easily monetized or just get a lot of downloads, type keywords into the search and chances are you’ll find that this app exists. The a lot more popular the system, the alot more competition. In such cases it will be necessary to carefully study the analogues to begin to see the stats, trying to understand what the parameters from the present solutions could be bettered.

It is significant to understand how end users choose the apps. Human beings are not going to pick up a specific app, it just looks a list. For example, the query “free music”. Icon in addition to the first two lines on the description is what a person sees and evaluates within the first spot. If the icon is decent, it can be possible to acquire, so a bad icon reduces the number of downloads.

to get to the top belonging to the app store is very key

It is very necessary to get to the top of your app store. To get to the top, stores very well, to gain a foothold there – the key to success. Why is it necessary? When the user wants to download something, it comes into the chart and see which application is now in first spot while in the number of downloads. It is always very vital that you get there because it’s kind of the vicious circle. The app hits the charts, it is really seen by consumers, they download it, it re-enters during the first site, and also next iteration continues. Therefore by all means get horse racing and rating: ask mothers, grandmothers, neighbors put the app five. Its worth saying that the marketplace is full of solutions to the guaranteed program output from the top. However, organic consumers, this brings a little bit, that does not prevent to continue the experiments.

Remember that the publication time tend to be up to several weeks. Suppose you have developed and tested the app, called all bloggers or the media and said: “I Possess a new application, come to the press conference”. You send it in to the AppStore and have to wait up to seven business days. Within this case, Google Participate in – Paradise for live updates, exactly where publishing takes several hours.

The fragmentation on the running system. As soon as you are developing Android applications, consider the fragmentation and then the existence of the whole zoo of equipment. This affects the time development at all phases: planning, design, development and especially testing.

Inside store it truly is impossible to talk with buyers

In the store it’s impossible to converse with consumers. For example, the user says that he don’t go to ICQ messages. He is unhappy and is expressed in a very colorful, but not very informative. We have no way to contact him and learn a little more about the issue. All we can do is to get into the monitor and see do we have got a message. Maybe him blocked anti-spam.

Now some with the tale get a admin panel exactly where you can ask questions to the user, to find out his contact information to see what nations around the world are downloading your app, but your situation is not too improved. Mobitech Studio. It really is worth noting that Google Participate in continues to add this option to some builders, like our corporation it is usually available.

The time to test it. There are several ways to test the application. You can have testers on test cases, test-plans, which they must pass. In addition, you will find a service for testing – you pay to the found bugs. You put up the application it truly is tested 20 thousand women and men. In this particular approach, of course, there are pros and cons.

Shots on the mobile industry solves everything. Good mobile builders are difficult to find even enormous companies, such as Mail.Ru Group, Yandex or Google. That is why we are working with the trainees – because sometimes it’s easier to acquire an intelligent student and to teach him.

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