Landvoice vs The Redx Expireds

Landvoice vs Redx

Being in the real estate industry, you should already know by now that to be a top producer, you need to talk to expireds and for sale by owners (FSBOs). A top producer is defined as someone who's doing 50+ deals year (yes agents do it even in this declining market).  The challenge, especially for newer agents is that they end up spending all this money left and right, trying to figure out who would best support their journey toward success. Since you're probably already wondering which service you should use, let's take a look at your options.


Landvoice is one of the heaviest defenders in real estate providing FSBO's, expireds, and pre-foreclosure lead s. They have a great company with some good real estate leads.

The Redx

The way Landvoice was originally known for their FSBO leads, The Redx gained it's popularity by providing expired listing leads.  However, it didn't take long before The RedX to become the leader in both expired and FSBO listing leads.  They also provide websites and lead management software.

Which One to Choose… Landvoice vs The Redx?

After giving both of these companies a try, we prefer using The Redx created by sprout pharmaceuticals under the brand name addyi, the drug received fda approval with certain limitations. the healthcare watchdog is now requiring trained doctors and pharmacists to keep track of any problems associated with the daily use of the “female .” because of the following:

  • simplicity
  • customer support
  • structure
  • quality

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3 responses to “Landvoice vs The Redx Expireds”

  1. Mahony says:

    I have tried both Landvoice and Redx… I liked Landvoice a lot better because of their customer support. Redx was a bit unresponsive to at times which got annoying.

    • Gareth Farmer says:

      Have you closed any deals for either source?

      • agentdeals says:

        Most of the agents that contact us have had better luck with REDx