Summary: The Redx provides the highest quality fsbo and expired leads. We’ve compared both and with more home phone numbers and cell phone numbers, The Redx is the company that top producers use to get more listings. Sign up now and save $149!


When many Realtors get into the business they spend most of their time frustrated and helpless, uncertain about what they’re doing and constantly worrying about whether it’ll ever pay off. They spend hours on end everyday trying to figure out the “best source” to call that will get them an appointment asap.

Agents usually already know that the best sources for business are FSBO leads already written essays , expired leads, sphere of influence, and lastly, just list/sold leads. Knowing that, they waste too much time on the internet doing things a $8/hour assistant would do. Rather than spending your time or hiring an assistant for their time, why not just invest into an Expired or FSBO lead providing service?

For FSBO and Expired Listing Leads, Who Should You Trust?

It’s always important to use a reputable company who you can trust. In recent years, one of the leading providers for FSBO and expired listing leads was Landvoice. However, the tables have turned as of late, and it’s more than safe to say that the REDX has been giving Landvoice a run for its money.

Since its founding over two years ago, the REDX has gained an immense amount of popularity in the real estate scene and quickly became recognized as the largest expireds/ expired listing leads and FSBO listing leads research company in the United States.

If you aren’t using the REDX, you are missing out on a wealth of profit generating business opportunities. Click here to learn more about the REDX’s services and products.

One of the key advantages that the REDX holds over Landvoice is their innovative lead management system called the Roledx. This unique tool is highly useful if you wish to become a successful agent because it allows you to sort, organize and manage your leads with ease and efficiency.

The Roledx is a simple, easy to use system that boasts an array of features including a customizable folder list to help you sort your leads; a bulletin board to allow you to group together notes about a specific lead; a to do list function to assign reminders so that you’ll never forget an important detail; and even maps to give you driving directions to a particular property.

Who Provides More Phone Numbers (Home and Cell?)

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redx vs landvoiceIn comparison to Landvoice, the REDX also provides you with the most information and cleanest leads in the shortest amount of time, allowing you to focus your time more productively and ultimately sell more real estate. From the RedX, you will receive an average of 20%-40% more leads, plus 1 to 3 days faster than some of the competitors.

Stop wasting your time cold calling and when you can contact For Sale By Owners and Expireds… homeowners who actually want to sell. Give The Redx a try approval antabuse 500 mg generic diflucan uk online baclofen generic no prescription non prescription fincar fincar order overnight fincar withВ  . Don’t forget to leave a testimonial and tell us how they helped your real estate business excel.


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