The Easy Way to Handle Complaints

There is not a business in the world that does not receive complaints. Generally, we view complaints in a very negative way. We know that a customer is not happy about the service that we have provided or perhaps the customer is not happy about a process, whatever the complaint is about, sometimes we can […]

Do You Have an Excellent Customer Service System?

We may all moan about our customers, but we would be completely lost without them, so it makes sense to look after them in the first instance. Rather than wait for complaints, there is much that we can do to build a great first impression and to go the extra mile when it comes to […]

Do You Have an Egomaniac in your Office?

Most companies have hired individuals who can be incredibly difficult to work with at some time, but if you find that you are consistently pulling your hair out and are deeply fed up at the behavior of one of your colleagues, it is worth discovering whether you have an egomaniac on board. They are not […]